Two Months Till Madness Begins

Who am I kidding, the madness has started. I went to a wedding show today to get ideas. I’m about eight months away and in about two months or so I’ll have to get serious on “save the dates,” wedding dress shopping and all the other stuff that weddings entail. Weddings are so much work. […]

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Thoughts on Wedding Planning

I’m about t-minus eight months away from my wedding. So far I’ve picked a venue and color scheme. I also have  a photographer and someone who will make my cake. The venue takes care of flowers and I’ll take care of a couple bouquets and boutonnieres on my own. I still need to come up […]

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Finally! Venue Progress

I have so many things going on at the moment, but I have finally made some progress on my wedding–a venue! We have been so focused on selling our house and moving, as well as other things, that my wedding has definitely not been on the top of my priority list. I know, that’s odd. […]

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It costs how much?

I joined a wedding planning site a couple hours ago and just spend about a half hour browsing through venues.  I don’t really care to have a large ceremony but I would like to have a hell of a party.  Unfortunately you need to feed people and I’d like to provide free drinks.  I know […]

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