Hi, I’m an Endomorph: Putting Together Weight Loss Puzzle Pieces

FitBitLearning My FitBit Data

I’ve had my FitBit now for a few weeks and really wanted to take the time to learn about the data, eat within calorie ranges to get into a caloric deficit, focus on drinking more water and getting more steps in. Overall I’m down about a pound and a half. Not bad, especially as I’m fully committed to the “slow and steady wins the race” mentality. I’m trying to balance in what I can sustain long term while also scaling back to actually be able to lose. A lot of what I’ve been learning is from the Half Size Me podcast, which I highly recommend if you are into podcasts and are trying to lose or maintain weight.

Anyway, so now that I feel I have a good grasp on that, I’m ready to focus on the types of foods I need to be eating. For my body. MyFitnessPal helps with that and I also did a ton of research to try to help get a good idea of foods for my body types. From there I planned by putting it into MFP to plan meals for each day this week. (If you have any fast ways you meal plan, please comment below!)

Body Types

In all of this research I learned about the three different body types: Ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. After thinking about it, I’m sure I learned about these in school. They sound familiar.

Each of these body types requires different exercise and food routines for loss or maintenance. Of course, I’m en endomorph.

To learn about mesomorphs and ectomorphs, as well as endomorphs, Body Building has this nifty quiz and quick explanation on body tips to help you find what you are.

Endomorph Pros and Cons

Endomorphs diet plans

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So if you’re a female endomorph like me, when tone, you’ve got curves in the right places. In general, you’re pear shaped, bottom heavy. You could be a little stocky and you might have shorter arms and legs. (Hi, that’s me, I’m 5’2″).

Worst of all, fat loves to stay around your midsection and thighs, which requires a diet focused on less carbs and more protein and healthy fats. Your metabolism isn’t going to be fast. This is so frustrating because when I was younger mine was fine, but as I’ve gotten older, that isn’t the case for me anymore. Hooray for aging.

When researching percentages of carbs, fats and proteins to consume daily, I’ve seen a mix. Fitwirr advises 25% carbs, 35% protein and 40% healthy dietary fats per day. Brainy Weight Loss has similar amounts and says to eat 30% complex carbs (starchy vegetables, brown rice or whole grains), 45% of protein and 25% of healthy fats.

So when losing, go into your MFP account–>Goals–>Calorie and Macronutrient Goals and revise it to match something similar to above. You really have to be patient and test out a few different ways.

As an endomorph, sugar intake needs to be avoided. URG, great. I love sugar. Oh, and simple carbs. My favorite too. Pasta, bread–oh that’s the best. Until it catches up to me.

“Avoid as much as you can all types of sugar (including all fruits except berries) and simple carbohydrates like white flour products and pasta, white rice, potatoes, because they cause a rapid rise of your blood sugar level, which, in turn triggers the release of insulin, the fat storage hormone. Never end your meals feeling completely full,” Brainy Weight Loss said.

The Two Ways to Look at Things

“If you’re an endomorph, you need to face the facts: You are insulin dominate, your sympathetic nervous system is sluggish and your carb tolerance is troubled,” explained Bandana Training. “You simply do not have the same genes as the skinny dude who can’t gain weight.”

So, I could look at this negatively. I’ll always have to work. Or, I could look at this positively. If I do the work, I can have a body like Jennifer Lopez or Kate Upton.


Best Types of Exercise

Now the last piece to this puzzle is working out. If I’ve learned anything and haven’t done in a long time is to incorporate more strength training into my exercise routine. I remember listening to one of the Half Size Me podcasts where Heather, who hosts the podcast, said strength training is the one secret she wish she would have known about and done more sooner in her weight loss journey.  For endomorphs, this is crucial.

“Oh, but I don’t want to do strength training because I don’t want to bulk up!” you say? Throw that mentality out the window. Right now. Gone. Is it gone? It should be.

I once said that too because I didn’t know better. There’s a way to strength train to bulk up, which requires effort. But otherwise it helps you get lean and tone.

No, you might not see scale results quickly because muscle weighs more than fat. That’s why you need to take measurements my friend. I started doing that this year and it’s a great way to see your results. And you can use the app FitStream which will help you determine exactly where to take the measurements, log progress pictures, etc.

The Low Carb and Strength Training Thing Really Does Work


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When I was thinking about the thinnest I was a few years ago (really kicking myself right now that I’m not there), I tried to think about what I was doing differently.

I realized I was doing strength training workout videos with some cardio, and focusing on low carb. Since moving to the city, I’ve been jogging. Which is great, but it’s obviously not what’s good for my body type if that’s only what I’m doing. I definitely will be incorporating more strength training into my routines.

I’ve lost this weight before, but obviously didn’t know enough because I thought I could venture out and I’m back to where I started. I finally feel like I have a good grasp on what to do to lose and maintain. Now it’s a matter of doing it. Knowing I’m an endomorph that loves sugar and carbs is going to be challenging… but knowing I can have a body like JLo’s is pretty awesome.

Most Importantly…

You have to find what works for you. All year I’ve been working to find this out. I’ve had my ups and downs but I know now. The cookie cutter diets might be convenient, but they aren’t sustainable. You have to remember if you want to lose weight you have to do something that can last long term. Why? Well otherwise, you’re going to end up where you started. Slow and steady really does win the race. It’s not fun getting there, but you have two choices. Try, or don’t. I’m going to keep trying. It might take some saying no to social events and working out when I don’t feel like it…but…this isn’t going to get done if I don’t do the work.

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I had seen the posted image in a check-out line a month or two ago and immediately thought “wow, do people really believe this?” How unhealthy and unreasonable. Although I believe people honestly don’t know some things and I wanted to share to open people’s eyes.

We live in a “now now now, go go go” society. I’m guilty of it, I want results immediately. I have zero patience. How did we get here? Technology? The ability to have instant gratification?

We can achieve this on the internet and some other ways but it rarely happens with losing weight. And often times if you lose weight fast, it’s very easy to rebound and fall into bad habits.

Think of the mentality “slow and steady wins the race.” There aren’t any shortcuts to weight loss. You have to be forgiving. It’s hard though, and while I’m not far from my goal, I struggle with this daily. I’ll do really well then take a “break” and get back.

Yo-yoing is definitely unhealthy and I really need to stop. I need to take my own advice, because I know what needs to be done. It’s just a matter of doing it.

Eat more vegetables and lean proteins, avoid processed foods when possible, keep the carb intake low, drink lots of water and exercise. It seems so simple but it’s not. How can it be easy when there are things like pasta, pizza, chicken wings, cookies, donuts, etc!?

“Slow and steady” is definitely what’s going to work as opposed to many of today’s fads. But some people really don’t know the fads, the pills, the juices, etc. don’t work.

If you ever do anything that makes you lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re probably depriving yourself of certain favorite foods completely and the diet becomes miserable. You set a deadline for yourself and once you have passed the deadline, it’s very easy to slip into old habits and regain the weight back. Sometimes even more.

The weight loss pills won’t work either. Many of them, such as Hydroxycut, have so much caffeine and your body freak out. I took them once and not too long after I started taking them I literally felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. That’s when I learned my lesson.

There is only one over-the-counter pill I knew of, Alli, that was FDA approved. However the side effects do not seem that pleasant at all.

In a search, I realized that there are two other FDA approved weight loss drugs, Belquiv and Qsymia. From a quick glance I believe both must be prescribed by a doctor (I could be wrong) and were for overweight and/or obese individuals. It was interesting to learn about them on the FDA’s website.  Pills are really only okay under a doctor’s supervision and with a weight loss plan the two of you have gone over together.

Either way, the main point is weight loss doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t come fast, and if it does, the likeliness of keeping it off is lower. Slow and steady wins the race. Search and search to find healthy foods you like. Don’t force yourself into exercise that’s tedious, find an activity that’s fun so you don’t dread workouts. You’ll get there!