Hello, Market East!

Downtown Indianapolis made the announcement on Wednesday April 16 that a seventh cultural district, Market East, will be added. I live in one of those seven districts and was pretty excited to hear the news.

I have visited many cities and haven’t seen any quite like Indianapolis with our cultural districts–especially the fact that we can walk from one end of downtown to the other. (You might need a Lyft to help you out if it’s far end to far end, but hey, it’s definitely possible).

You’ll find delightful public art, unique galleries, inspiring museums, quaint shops and engaging recreation,” Indianapolis Downtown Inc. explained about the cultural districts. “Satisfy your appetite at exquisite restaurants, ethnic eateries and cafes. Laugh out loud or dance the night away at one of dozens of night clubs and theaters. The districts also have your ticket to professional sports and performances.”

Currently in the Market East area, you’ll find our city-county building which needs quite a bit of work (landscaping, re-design, etc.) in the large open areas around it. You’ll also find several bail bonds and a couple rough spots, however, that shouldn’t define the area. There are quite a few great restaurants, our City Market and it meets up with the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, which connects all the cultural districts together.  (One of the best things about our city, in my opinion…)

Wholesale District

Another cultural district, the Wholesale District

With the new addition will come new life to the area. A lot of new life! Starting with residences, there will be two new apartment complexes. First is Artistry, which is almost done and very modern. Second is Market Square Tower, a 28 story luxury high rise that will change the city’s skyline.

Market Square Tower will fill the space where the old Market Square Arena once stood, which today is just flat parking.

Market East will also become the home to the IndyGo Downtown Transit Center and Cummins Inc. global distribution headquarters (read more on the IndyStar website).

So what does this all mean at the end of the day? More residents, jobs, visitors, dining, etc.

The area in general will receive a facelift and the city is encouraging residents to put in their two cents and submit their designs for a new City-County Building Plaza. Submissions must be turned in by May 28.

My husband and I moved to the heart of the city in February 2013 and couldn’t be more excited about the growth. It’s insane how quiet our downtown really is. Most people only visit during busy events, hence thinking downtown is busy. But to be honest? It’s not. Sure, at 7 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday night traffic picks up. But most other days where there aren’t events, it’s not busy at all.

I’m looking forward to the updates Market East will bring and the new opportunities for downtown Indianapolis.

Everything All At Once

Life is getting exciting, but very much in the “in limbo” phase.

When my fiancé and I got back from vacation at the end of September in NYC, we hit the ground running.  Almost immediately after we got back we knew we were 100 percent ready to move downtown.  Now it’s official. Paperwork done, signs will be up soon.

There’s much to do to prepare, but thankfully our to-do list isn’t too bad.

However people are so perplexed when we tell them we’re moving downtown.  We get reactions like, “Why would you do that?”

Why wouldn’t we? It’s where we want to be. I don’t want to be in the ‘burbs right now.  I want to be able to walk more, have a drink or two at dinner, explore different events, try new places and be close to work.  He feels the same way.

I absolutely cannot wait, but it’s going to be crazy because we have to sell the house and find a place.  I’m going to hope for the best, but expect the worst. We’ll see what happens.