Favorite Apps for my iPhone

Over time I’ve found some apps that I’ve come to really really like. Feel free to share your favorites below! I’m always looking for more, and check these out if you have Android as well.

upto appUp To

This is one of the most recent apps I’ve really come to love. It’s basically a calendar organizer for your appointments that I like better than iCal. In addition, you can also see other important events in your area, “this day in history,” etc. too by “expanding out.” This is a new app, get in now because big things are coming, I’m sure.


Imagine a “this day in history” only it’s your day in history. Timehop looks back on your social media posts and shares with you what you said or did that day in history. Mine go five years back, some may go more!


You’ve probably heard of Yelp. I use it regularly to help me find what I want for dinner if we want to go out to eat. But if I’m traveling or in an area I’m not too familiar with, it helps me find what I’m looking for.


Looking for a boost to lose weight? Join a DietBet! You can join two types, one where you lose 4% of your body fat in a month, or 10% in six months. There is a third party source that verifies weigh-ins to ensure no one is cheating. You can join with your friends or a larger one. The weigh-ins are confidential and if you lost your amount of weight by the end of the DietBet, you and all the other winners get a payout!

Tap to Track

For my finances, I like an app that is like a checkbook. I’ve used many, and “Tap to Track” is new for me and it’s simple. I basically wanted something that I can just add a transaction and find out how much I have left to spend. This does just that.

Check back, I recently downloaded a few more apps and will post about them later if I love them!


DietBet Success!

A month ago I was grossed out by the way I felt, and with 2014 being the year I’m demanding that I meet my own goals, I signed up for a DietBet (images used for this blog from their site). ‘Let money help be the extra motivation I needed. You can click on the link for full details but basically I put $30 into a pot and had to lose 4% of my total weight in four weeks, which was six pounds.

However what I didn’t want was four weeks of hell. I’ve come to terms that I love food. A lot. I love pizza, pasta, bread…etc. And I’m not a “oh I just ate a slice of pizza and half a breadstick and I’m full!” type of girl either.

I wanted to keep up with my Weight Watchers because it just works for me. I was also going to try to run more each week, and we live downtown, so that’s a lot of walking too.

There were also a few events in May that normally I would be discouraged by, such as a few dinners out with people, bachelorette party and of course Memorial Day weekend (which happened to be the weekend before weigh in). I’m a type of person that if I have one bad day, I throw out the entire week.

I told myself I was going to enjoy those times because if I worked the other days, I could do it. I would at least try because it’s just not worth being miserable.

So I did all of the events, and ate well on the week days and just tried doing good for breakfast and lunch on weekends so I could splurge on dinner.

Sure enough I was close to my goal Memorial Day weekend–the last weekend before weigh in.

Then Memorial Day weekend drinking happened and put me in an almost impossible spot. That Monday I had to lose three pounds by Thursday.

Needless to say I had to pull out the big guns and go to what worked: South Beach, phase one. If you haven’t done it, there isn’t anything pleasant about it. It’s basically no carbs and just lots of green veggies and lean protein. Lots of eggs. I found a few crockpot dinners to make, one of them was a roast and I threw in broccoli and cauliflower. The second was just chicken and I threw in broccoli and cauliflower. Honestly…both were pretty bad. My husband ended up eating other things. I just sucked it up on the meats and found other vegetables.

I also went out jogging for three days anywhere from 3.5 to 3.9 miles (but I have lots of starts and stops though and walk). I also drove home without using my air conditioning to sweat it out. Yeah, not fun but it was worth giving it a shot.

I was points of a pound within my goal on Wednesday and was hoping I would have reached it by Thursday. It was intense, at that point it wasn’t even about the money, I just wanted to see the number on the scale. You have to hit it to win.

Just before I went out for my last run on Thursday, because I hadn’t hit the number, I decided to try weighing myself one more time. Bam. I’d done it. Such a relief. I hadn’t felt that kind of accomplishment. I’ve weighed less than I do right now before and it still felt awesome to hit this goal.

I’m going to do another DietBet in a couple weeks, possibly all summer to get where I want to be. I’m determined to make 2014 the year it happens, even if I’m off to a late start. If I can do it, you can do it!

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 1.09.55 PM

I’m Taking a Chance to Lose Weight

I made a last minute decision tonight to join a DietBet. It’s almost May and I’m no where near my weight loss goals for the year.

With DietBet, you put a certain amount of money in a pot. You lose X amount of weight in X time and all winners get a cut of the pot.

For me, I have to lose four percent of my weight in one month. I think I’m more than capable I just have to put my mind to it and I thought the DietBet might be what I needed.

They have a third party review weigh in photos that are confidential–just to make sure no one cheats. It sounds scarier than it is to get started, but it’s all to make sure you’re legit.

If you’re in the same boat as me, check out DietBet. You can join a game or create your own.