Podcast Favs: Today Explained

I discovered Vox’s Today Explained podcast a few months ago and it’s one I never miss on a daily basis. In one show, usually about 20 minutes in length, they break down a piece of recent, relevant news to help you understand it. Just one subject matter so you really can explore the topic in-depth.

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Bingeworthy Podcasts: Heavyweight

This article is a part of the “Bingeworthy Podcasts” series. If you don’t listen to podcasts, these are a few good ones that will get you addicted. Enjoy. 



The first time I listened to “Heavyweight,” I didn’t know what to expect. I had seen it was highly reviewed and was ready to add something into my listening routine.

In the first episode I checked out, I quickly realized it was a true story and I would have a conclusion by the end.

“But would I? Really?” I had thought. “This seems like A LOT of work!”  Continue reading