It’s been at least a year or so since I last wrote a blog. It’s not like I haven’t wanted to. I’ve always had every intention on being a content expert on something and sharing blogs about that topic.

And then I thought I had eye cancer. Then I got a cold sore in my eye from stress (yeah, they’re a thing and it was the most painful thing I’ve experienced to date).

We moved. Bought a duplex actually… next to my parents… which needed a lot of work to pass inspection then needed a lot of work to move in. Once we moved in, we had even more work. I had a few other miscellaneous random illnesses. My grandma had knee surgery then at her rehab facility, they were irresponsible and dropped her, which led to an unfortunate series of set backs that eventually led to her passing just before Christmas. I had the honor of writing her obituary.

And then my husband kicked off the new year with a seizure. 

Through the struggles, there was good. I had an opportunity to get my dream job… and I got it. It is though all the work I put in throughout the years to achieve my goals finally paid off. It was beyond worth it.

So here I am. I don’t know if I’ll stick to a topic, anymore. I just might stay true to how I’ve always been… mixing things up.

Being realistic just so I can keep this place up….

I love having this blog. I’ve had it for years. I’m also a marketing professional ( I guess I can say that about myself now) and know what it takes to have a good blog. A good blog needs to be on a consistent topic, has posts consistently timed out and is something you can contribute to often that all centers around the same topic. Something that your readers can expect. Welp, this has not quite been that.  Continue reading

Easy Paleo/Whole 30 One Pot Dish


When it comes to cooking, I’ve never really enjoyed it. I cook a lot and am constantly trying to find new recipes, though. Ideally, I like making things that are super easy. Recipes that allow me to mix things up in one bowl and turn on the crockpot are even better.  Continue reading

TJ Maxx….Just the Place to Find What You Weren’t Looking For


We live above a TJ Maxx. I used to think that would be terrible for my wallet. It’s super convenient to just run downstairs. But after living here for four years, we don’t go there all the time. Honestly depending on the season, sometimes they just don’t have anything. Continue reading