DashGo Egg Cooker = Mind Blown

I like eggs. I’ve almost mastered hard boiling them in the oven, I’ve made egg muffins, but I’m not so great at making them many other ways. And then… as I was walking through Kohls… I saw the DashGo egg cooker. With this thing, you can poach eggs, boil them, make omelettes and more. They […]

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FitBit – Week One Thoughts

I’ve officially had my FitBit Charge HR for one week. Being that it was $150, I was hoping it was money well spent (especially since I had cancelled my Weight Watchers). Needless to say it’s been completely eye opening and I actually probably hadn’t been eating enough during the week or if I could actually […]

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Food Find: Skinny Pop Popcorn

When it comes to something you can just keep eating, SkinnyPop popcorn is a great snack to keep in the pantry. I would love it even if it wasn’t healthy. My favorite flavor is white cheddar, but they have plain, sweet or black pepper. They have also had pop up flavors, such as a sweet […]

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