Busy Before Travel

Cosmo Con 2012 is just around the corner and I’ve been incredibly busy over the last week preparing for the trip, events for the trip, and all things planning prior to.  I’m incredibly excited, and I think all the stress and busy-ness I’m enduring right now will help me appreciate the trip even more. There’s […]

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How Was New York?

I was on the phone with my friend Denis last night and he asked me how New York was. Now that I’m over a month out and can talk about it without welting up in sadness because I’m not there anymore or just jump from one story to another, I’ll finish what I started. The […]

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A Different Place

It’s crazy how fast a month goes by. I had been looking for my trip to New York for so long and now over a month has gone by. I miss it. I love it. I love how busy it is. There’s a different type of atmostphere. It’s a whole different world….one that’s only 12 […]

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