Here’s to you, KP.

As I was turning 16 and preparing to get my driver’s license, I had to get a job to cover gas and car insurance. My parents didn’t care what I did, but I had to cover those two things before getting the keys to my 1992 blue Chevy Corsica.

I knew I didn’t want to work retail, so my mom drove me around to different businesses and I asked if they needed any clerical help. She stayed in the car while I went in to ask.

One of the places I went to was a Buick dealership on the east side of Indianapolis. I remember walking in to what I would later learn was called “The Tower.” Continue reading


Instant Pot: Should You Get One?

dinnerBackstory: Cooking and Me….

I’m not the biggest fan of cooking. I like the final product and definitely venture out (all while listening to a podcast or something because I can’t just do one thing at one time), but am not necessarily one to enjoy the process.

Anyway, I get home from the gym after work, between 7-7:30 p.m. many nights of the week. At that point I just want something fast, but I still try my best to eat somewhat healthy.

We’d recently purchased a copper skillet for $7 at Burlington and it was a game changer in terms of quick clean-up.

I am a fan of anything quick.  Continue reading

Happy 2017

Another year is about here. What do you plan to do to make 2017 great? While so much is out of our control, so much is also in our control.

In 2016 I set a lot of ambitious goals for myself. I accomplished one of them and learned quite a bit about the other goals. I definitely made some good progress. Tackling a lot at once really reminded me to take things a step at a time and not overwhelm myself to get things done.

I plan on taking that mindset into 2017. Whether you want to lose weight, get out of debt, find a new job, enhance a skill, go back to school…. just remember to take things a day at a time and be realistic. The more realistic you are, the more realistic achieving the goal will truly be.

2016 taught us a lot. It was good, bad and ugly. 2017 will bring its own set of challenges, here’s to getting through them.

Happy new year everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

From me to you, I hope it is a great day. And if you are working, thank you. I appreciate it.

I’d love to hear how you celebrate Thanksgiving! Each year varies, but I usually spend the afternoon with my family and then depending how it goes, the evening with my husband’s family.

photoWhen it comes to my favorite foods, I love the carbs and starchy stuff. Corn casserole, mac n’ cheese, egg noodles and rolls. I also make mashed cauliflower and am probably the only one that eats it, but that’s okay. (It’s delicious… here’s the recipe if you want to give it a try sometime.)

Black Friday Shopping

I hope you have a great holiday and good luck it you’re Black Friday shopping tonight or tomorrow morning! I enjoy shopping on Monday, in bed. Last year I did all my Christmas shopping in about 30 minutes before I went to bed. I plan on doing the same this year.

Circle of Lights

Looking for something to do tomorrow night after your Black Friday shopping? Go to the Circle of Lights Tree Lighting! This is a super fun event for everyone. Make your life easy and arrive early. The tree lighting is one of the events where parking and traffic gets crazy.

Festivities start around 6 p.m., so try arriving by at least 5 p.m. or earlier so you can easily park and get in a great spot.

Once the lighting is over, parking is also pretty nuts. Walk around, take pictures or go have dinner in the area. It will make your trip home much easier if you leave the area after traffic has slowed down. The intense rush lasts about an hour…so why not extend your visit downtown and enjoy the amenities rather than sit in your car cursing at traffic. There are tons of dining options both family friendly or if you’re looking for a drink.