Instant Pot: Should You Get One?

dinnerBackstory: Cooking and Me….

I’m not the biggest fan of cooking. I like the final product and definitely venture out (all while listening to a podcast or something because I can’t just do one thing at one time), but am not necessarily one to enjoy the process.

Anyway, I get home from the gym after work, between 7-7:30 p.m. many nights of the week. At that point I just want something fast, but I still try my best to eat somewhat healthy.

We’d recently purchased a copper skillet for $7 at Burlington and it was a game changer in terms of quick clean-up.

I am a fan of anything quick.  Continue reading


An Allergy Test Was Worth Every Penny

So I’m sure you already know this, but food isn’t supposed to make you feel bad. Sure, certain things might cause discomfort in some form or fashion. But it’s not normal to have stomach issues, feel strange, itch, etc.

Growing up, peanuts and potatoes were staples of my diet. A lot of the time I wouldn’t feel great, but always figured it was the meat or something that made me feel bad. Sometimes it was minor, other times it was just awful.  Continue reading

My Motiv Ring

Leaving FitBit

I had a FitBit for years, still do, and loved the data it gave me. It also did help motivate me to push myself during workouts, get more workouts and try to do what I could to sleep better.

However… there was just one problem… Continue reading

So I Did the Whole 30


I am going to make an effort to keep future blogs short. This one on the Whole 30 though just can’t be short. I’ll mark off into sections so you can come back! If you’re looking for a way to kick off weight loss or if you suffer from chronic pain, food sensitivities or health issues, take a few minutes to read.  Continue reading

TMJ: The Struggle is Real

It is absolutely insane the things you live with that you think are normal. For me, I’ve probably lived with TMJ disorder for years and years thinking it was normal. In this blog, I’m just going to say TMJ, but really, everyone has TMJ because it stands for temporomandibular joint. It’s what connects your jaw to your skull. People can have issues with their TMJ, hence, a TMJ disorder–or what many say is “TMJ.” Continue reading