Wedding Help: Go Local

My husband and I got married over a year ago and I’m starting to realize some things I did made things so much easier for us during planning. I’d like to share those in a mini-series called “Wedding Help.”  When it came to choosing vendors, I went local. It was hands down the best decision […]

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I’m Back!

Somehow after an upgrade I lost the login information to my account. I thought my blog was gone because I’m sure it would take WordPress a long time to take the necessary steps to get me back in. However I am in! So much has happened in the last few months. I’m sure I’ll elaborate […]

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Why can’t weddings be simple? It’s my day, supposedly. It’s really frustrating trying to make it all work. I didn’t want anything complicating. If my fiancé and I had it our way, we would go to the JP. I felt really anxious today, but kept it together. Then after work it was like all the […]

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Three Days…

I get married in three days. Well two, I suppose, since it’s after midnight and technically Thursday. This will probably be my last time of blogging, which I wanted to do throughout this experience. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that weddings make your life busy. Maybe even busier than being a student. I don’t really […]

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