About Me


For years I’ve changed what my blog is about. If I had more time, I could have the perfect blog around a certain topic.

I love having a blog and honestly? The best thing I can cover right now is myself. Here’s my journey of being a 30-something and what being an adult/millennial is like.

Along the way, I hope you can find something you find useful, whether it’s a product, TV or podcast recommendation, idea to make something easier or just for mindless reading material.

While I might write about a lot of different things, you can count on being able to come here for a down-to-earth perspective. All opinions and reviews are my own. If anything is sponsored, I’ll disclose, which is a short amount of the time. Usually I just get really excited about things and want to share them with you. Thanks for stopping by.

Online store: Chloe Digital Creations

Also, you can check out my Etsy store, Chloe Digital Creations at:

I sell a variety of digital downloads that you can print, use for checklists and more.

Want to hear about something?

Email me at indyjournalista@icloud.com and I’ll check it out!

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