Finding “Foundering” (I love a good backstory)

Like many of us during the early days of the pandemic, I found myself spending even more time on my phone. As an introvert though, the isolation wasn’t as hard for me. Many, perhaps most struggled with the upheaval of our normal day-to-day interactions with others.

I’m not sure what sparked me to do it, but I gave TikTok a download to check it out – and was immediately hooked. Which was odd for me! Normally I’m not the biggest watcher of videos on social media. Not with this, however.

TikTok helped me feel connected to others in a completely different way than before. Perhaps because we were all experiencing something together and showcasing our lives navigating through it.

Within my first few days of having it, I didn’t feel that creating videos would be my thing. I’d be a lurker on the side.

And then came the day I had ordered a ridiculous amount of stuff from Sephora and it happened to arrive minutes before my husband got home from work. While he wouldn’t have cared one bit about what I ordered, maybe it was just the timing.

Anyway, the sound clip “don’t be suspicious” was trending amongst users and felt incredibly perfect for the moment, hence the my beginnings of creating convent on the app.

Not only did TikTok provide a welcoming environment and safe space, months after downloading the app, I began getting videos in my “For You Page” relating to ADHD in adults – particularly women.

The more I saw, the more sense things made about my entire life to be honest. Once I hit a point where I felt positive that I most likely had ADHD, I scheduled an appointment – and shortly after, was diagnosed.

My entire life has changed and makes so more sense – all thanks to this app, TikTok.

So when I noticed in Apple’s recommended podcasts that Bloomberg had a podcast out called “Foundering: The TikTok Story,” I jumped right in to listening.

I hadn’t known much about the app, such as it’s beginnings and business plan. I’m on episode five of six and have enjoyed learning about this company. Being a Chinese company making it big in America was definitely going to be controversial. So it’s been an interesting listen to see how they navigate through

If you’re curious like me, I give “Foundering: The TikTok” a try – as well as download the app. You may be surprised.

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