Do you know Mordechai?

One of my latest binges is UCP Audio’s “Do you know Mordechai?

I’ve known a few pathological liars and haven’t been able to wrap my brain around why. Especially things that are so small. So when I try to wrap my head around how one person can keep up with SO many lies boggles my mind. I felt the same way when listening to season one of “Chameleon: The Hollywood Con Queen.”

If you haven’t listened but curious, here’s a spoiler-free take

“Do you know Mordechai” is an interesting podcast hosted by a gal whose close friend falls for a man that she comes to find out isn’t who he says he is. The two go on a journey to find others like her friend because she wasn’t the only one.

If you have listened, WHOA, RIGHT?

I am fascinated (not in a good way) how someone can keep up with so many different lies and sustain close relationships with several people. And then in the latest episode to hear him speak, he doesn’t sound like a bad person on the surface. And yet while listening, I wasn’t sure what if I could believe a single word he said. Then there’s one part of me that is clearly aware he’s suffering from mental illness. And then he other part of me thinking about all the women he lied to.

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