Podcasts I’m listening to this week: June 6

I’ve been working from home, which means I haven’t been commuting, hence having to be a little more conscious to listen. So knowing I had a few work events this week (resulting in time in the car) I was excited to listen to a few things.

Exit Scam

I’m six episodes into Treats Media’s “Exit Scam,” an inside look into the life and death of Canadian crypto connoisseur Gerry Cotten. I’m not sure how, but I had not heard anything about Cotten. I’m not giving anything away by sharing that the podcast delves into Cotten’s life and his incredibly odd and conveniently timed death. Plus, anything cryptocurrency fascinates me. It feels so easy to lose. I mean you really expect people are going never lose their password – the only way you can access your Bitcoin? You lose your Bitcoin password and you can kiss whatever progress you’ve made and gains you’ve earned goodbye! However, the extent of my crypto knowledge I learn via podcasts. Exit Scam definitely sheds some light on someone who may or may not abused his power and skills in this somewhat new industry. And if you’re like me and know more episodes exist but not on your usual platform, you can get more in the Audacy app.

The Turning: The Sisters Who Left

I went to Catholic schools growing up, and while I never considered myself a great Catholic, I’ve strived to meet the fundamentals we were taught: be kind and serve others. However the older I get, the more I’ve learned about the darker side of Catholicism. And it seems blasphemous to a 12-year-old me to be diving into these darker areas you didn’t know about figures like Mother Theresa or sisters/nuns in general. Yet the older I get, I learn more and more about the church. That’s what got my attention for this podcast and it’s been especially interesting to learn more about Mother Theresa and the “sisters that left.”

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