3 ways to amp up your podcast listening game

When I was diagnosed with ADHD last year at 33, so much of my existence made SO much more sense – including how excruciatingly painful mundane tasks are for me. I am constantly living with something in the background. Needless to say, podcasts have been a lifesaver. Here are a few tips from my life to help you with your podcast listening game.

1. Get a wireless earbud.

Yes, ear bud. One is all you need – and you don’t need to invest in expensive Air Pods. Just go to your trusty Amazon app and search “Bluetooth wireless earbud.” You’ll be greeted with a variety of inexpensive options as low as $15-$20. By just wearing one earbud, you’ll find it’s great if you’re working, or around people that you may need to be able to hear, but something you can pop in and go. Plus it’s convenient for phone calls, or an inconspicuous way to mindlessly scroll on TikTok while your significant other is asleep.

2. Maybe get a backup earbud for when your battery dies.

Okay – I lied. Order two or more earbuds. That way you will always have one fully charged, or a backup in the event you do lose one. Because you will. (And then you will randomly find it down the road when you least expect it).

3. Use podcasts to get you through anything at home or in public.

Once you have your wireless earbuds, you can conveniently have one in your ear at all times. For instance, I always have a podcast in my ear when:

  • Going to the grocery store
  • Cleaning or other mundane takss
  • Getting ready and winding down
  • Walking from my car to the office
  • Exercising in general
  • Working on projects at work that don’t require as much mental energy

Now that you’ve acquired some new ideas, enjoy ramping up your podcasting experience.

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