QOTW: What’s your go-to app to listen to podcasts?

About this time last week year, I was really looking for a different podcast app because I wasn’t able to section out the things I listen to. There were some podcasts I listen to daily, others randomly as I had time or those that have an entire season out and just waiting to be binged.

That’s when I discovered PocketCasts, which has been my favorite and go-to. I have different categories for things I listen to and it’s fabulous. The paid version was worth it.

Although in a Facebook group I’m in, several people were complaining about the latest update for Apple’s iOS app. So what do I do? I check it out, buried but still downloaded on my phone… and I kind of liked it. I kind of liked it a lot. So I’m testing it out. It has capabilities it didn’t (or that I didn’t realize) and I like the imagery.

So now I ask you, how do you listen to podcasts? Bonus brownie points if you want to share more below.

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