Moving back to Apple Podcasts?

I’ve been a user of Pocketcasts for quite some time now. Although ironically after seeing someone share online how much they hated the latest version of Apple Podcasts… I checked it out and wasn’t mad at it. I wasn’t mad one bit. Something about the graphic and imagery sucked me in, as well as the ability to build lists (which they call “stations.”)

I’ll admit though, it was quite a nuisance not being able to import my current list of podcasts in, and yet I searched and added most over one by one. Which as an a avid podcast listener… was a lot.

I’ve spent the last week debating if I’ll continue with Apple Podcasts. I do enjoy the ease of navigating. I do feel a little distant from my normal favs – and suppose over time I’ll learn if I’m back to Apple or if Pocketcasts is the best for me.

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