Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe

No spoilers – just an introduction and mentions from the first episode.

Podcasts told by journalists are some of my absolute favorites, which drew me into checking out Vault Studio’s Beyond Bardstown: Lacombe (BB:L) podcast. This is second season of their Bardstown podcast, which was a story of five unsolved murders in Kentucky. BB:L is a different story, based in Lacombe, Louisiana, with the same mystery, twists and turns… they say. I’m only one episode in but the premise is intriguing to say the least.

Local reporter Katie Moore is leading us through this story; a story she’d been following since 2017 and hasn’t been able to shake since.

BB:L kicks off with the disappearance of a wife of a local fire chief: Nanette Krentel. And of all scenarios, she disappears after her house (in a remote area, mind you) burns to the ground. By the time anyone realizes there’s a fire, it’s too late.

By hearing very little from her husband in the first episode, that’s pretty telling that this story will look to him. I’m eager to hear where this goes.

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