Heavyweight – A master in storytelling

This article is a part of the “Bingeworthy Podcasts” series written in 2018. If you don’t listen to podcasts, these are a few good ones that will get you addicted. Enjoy. 


The first time I listened to “Heavyweight,” I didn’t know what to expect. I had seen it was highly reviewed and was ready to add something into my listening routine.

In the first episode I checked out, I quickly realized it was a true story and I would have a conclusion by the end.

“But would I? Really?” I had thought. “This seems like A LOT of work!” 

It was about a girl who was kicked out of her sorority shortly after she beat cancer. She was never given a reason why, so in the episode, he helped her get try to find that answer. You went through the ins and outs of the situation to see all angles.

That’s what I love about Heavyweight.

Its host, Jonathon Goldstein, will take however long needed, and will go to any length, for the solution. Each story is different. Sometimes it’s to discover a truth, then for others, it brings people together. He truly does a fantastic job and has an incredible amount of patience to see each of these stories through.

It’s a part of Gimlet Media, who has a great group of podcasts they produce. I definitely recommend adding this into your routine.

Image from the Heavyweight website. 

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