Bingeworthy Podcasts: Slow Burn

This article is a part of the “Bingeworthy Podcasts” series, originally written in 2018. If you don’t listen to podcasts, these are a few good ones that will get you addicted. Enjoy. 

Whether you are extremely knowledgable about Watergate, or don’t know much at all, but are interested in it, you will want to check out Slate’s Slow Burn.

slow-burn-podcastIt’s the perfect mix of both worlds. It helps people like me, who weren’t alive during the time and don’t know much about it, insight on the ins and outs. Then for those who did live through it, it provides additional perspective they didn’t know.

I knew I would love the podcast before listening, and from episode one, host Leon Neyfakh had me hooked. That first episode was about Martha Mitchell, wife of John Mitchell–then United States general attorney who was close to Nixon.

So what made Martha so memorable?

Not only was she super close with several reporters, but would get drunk and call them. She would spill whatever. For her, at one point, she began to spill about Nixon and, well, you’ll want to hear what happened to her. It involves her getting tackled and held against her will.

And folks, I will leave it at that.

Image from Slate’s website. 

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