Bluetooth Earpieces: Discreet, Simple and Amazing


This post was originally written in 2017

I don’t know about you, but I like listening to things when I work. Whether I’m in the office or just getting stuff done around the house, it’s easier to have headphones so you aren’t distracting others.

However…wired headphones for me are a complete no. I’ve used bluetooth headphones for over a year now, but a pair I used at the gym did have a wire in the back that connected the left and right ear.

Wireless bluetooth headphones used to cost you an arm and a leg not that long ago. I feel like in the last year to six months, the prices have dramatically decreased. You can get a pair of bluetooth headphones today for $25.

Something else I have had for the past few months is a wireless earbud. It’s perfect for work because it leaves one of your ears free.

My favorite one by far is the VicTsing Bluetooth Earbud. Couple bonuses:

  • Includes volume control that goes all the way down
  • Allows you to answer calls
  • Battery lasts up to five hours with constant listening
  • Charges super fast
  • Includes wrap-around for your ear (I don’t always have to use this)


It’s $15 on Amazon, you can’t beat that price. I actually bought two so I always have one available that’s fully charged. I use this everywhere now, from the gym and grocery store to work and cleaning around the house.

I highly recommend one!

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