A deep dive into the past

When I started my latest COVID-19 hobby, Ancestry.com (but don’t worry, I still love TikTok dearly), I didn’t quite know what I was in for. I never had an interest to delve into it and once I did, I went all in. From discovering that there’s a “Rectortown” in Virginia, to learning a Rector from […]

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Finding my history

I can’t recall having a hobby in recent years… unless binge-watching TV, mindlessly scrolling in my phone or painting my nails counts. But after one of my cousins on my dad’s side discovered that we had a cousin that was about 30 years older than us, I pulled out my credit card and got a […]

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How are we here…

Months ago, I had every intention of writing my way through this pandemic. And then…. I just didn’t. Back in March, we were in uncharted territory. The world was on edge and for a minute, it felt like we all were in this together. We were all feeling and experiencing the same thing. Essentials were […]

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