I didn’t have mashed potatoes with dinner.

I had a split second this evening when I was making dinner to just split the mashed potatoes I was heating up for my husband.

For about three minutes and 30 seconds, I was mailing it in and had a screw it mentality.

And then, after I put them in the microwave, I was like, “nah, it’s okay.”

That’s what the medicine portion of this medical weight loss program does. I just don’t care nor put food on the pedestal that I’m used to.

Now I understand what the doctor meant when she said being overweight should be treated like a disease. From your sex and genetics, to emotions, there are so many factors that can be stacked against you.

Add on that we need to eat to survive and it’s just difficult.

We all know it’s difficult.

And when we diet, say we are “making lifestyle changes,” or whatever, we are struggling every single minute. Food is on our minds all day. Looking forward to the next meal or snack. Saving calories for a drink, or two.

The weight loss journey is all-consuming…. when you’re doing it alone.

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to find a doctor that would help me lose weight in the past. Hell, I didn’t even know a medical weight loss program was an option.

It makes so much sense.

It’s not a nutrition guru that is trying to hock their supplements or meal replacements. It’s not an app that gives you a blanket program to follow that may not match up with you at all. It’s not a trainer guilting you into strenuous workouts when you hate working out. It’s not a “lose 20 lbs in one month,” quick crash.

It’s a doctor, taking in all the information pertinent to you as a patient (both your physical and emotional health) and coming up with a solution to help you lose the weight, and give you the tools to make it manageable.

When I first started this, I was sad at the thought of completely dropping alcohol and being in a strict diet. I felt like things just wouldn’t be as fun. How was I supposed to enjoy life without alcohol and eating certain things I loved.

That’s where the medicine has been a game changer. By week two, it wasn’t so heavy. And by three week, I just didn’t care.

I’m fine not drinking right now. I don’t feel dread after dinner because I know that’s the last meal of the day. I don’t think about food 24/7.

I didn’t know that was possible. I didn’t know how I was going to do this. I felt hopeless.

And now, nearly 12 lbs down in about a month, I am glad to say I don’t feel hopeless. I feel hopeful.

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