You do what you can, and that’s all you can do.

Today was day one of quarantine/shelter-in-place for me. My work has amazingly gone 100% remote to help avoid the spread of the evil COVID-19.

I envisioned a day being able to just destroy my never-ending to do list being completely isolated and only one meeting on my agenda.

Plus, I was ready to get back to normal eating after a laxed weekend (not off the rails, but yes, I did have mac’ n cheese last night. It was glorious but I also felt awful about an hour later).

And if I could, I’d hoped to maybe squeeze in some fitness of some sort.

My workday began shortly after 8:30 a.m., troubleshooting IT issues. Somehow, my monitor that has been plugged in for more than a year managed to have this issue with the HDMI cord.

Thankfully, once my IT person, a.k.a., my husband, reminded me there was another part of this cable that was still stuck in the monitor… and I pulled it out with tweezers and got a different cord, we were back in business.

From there, the emails began trickling in and I had a few high property items I needed to get done.

In the midst of this, my new coworker immediately had to invade my space, not only walking all over me but treated herself to my water.

This is going to be an issue I’ll need to take up with HR. But thankfully after the water incident, they went back to their corner and stayed all day.

My plans for my to do list, however, completely changed. The workout didn’t happen, but I did get back into the routine with my food.

That was something I could control – what I was eating. Even got back to logging into my phone after winging it during the tail end of last week.

It’s good to find something to control in this time of uncertainty.

My state announced it would be mandating a shelter-in-place for all resident effective 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26.

The initial shock of this all is wearing away. Maybe it’s because we’ve grown accustomed to nonstop major breaking news.But it’s weird wrapping your head around most businesses being closed. Not being able to leave other than to the grocery store, pharmacy, to pick up take-out, or for a walk.

It’s extremely weird and eerie still walking through a grocery store to empty shelves. Forget trying to find toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant of any kind, hand sanitizer, soap, zinc, etc. Oh, and no ground beef, or any fresh meats for that matter.

And while water is available, supply seems to mainly be the least popular options.

I’ve never been so worried to run out of toilet paper, even though I have a few packs ready for backup. In fact, I ordered an extremely cheap box just to hold me over in case. I ordered it last week (week of March 16), and it will be in sometime in April.

These are mad, crazy times we live in. And all we can do it what we can do. It’s enough to protect ourselves and others.

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