Well this is interesting.

Good Lord, what in the Black Mirror Twilight Zone Coronavirus tarnation is going on around here!?

One minute you’re just walking through the mall casually to run an errand on a Thursday, and next thing you know, the world has come to a screeching halt.

I can’t ever recall going to any store on a Sunday afternoon, let alone a Target on a congested side of town, where the foot traffic inside was the equivalent to a Walmart at 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Yeah, I’m looking at you, Coronavirus. You are certainly turning the world upside down. Bravo.

This is all so strange. Usually when you’re hunkering down, it’s because of a bad storm or a blizzard. You can see the threat outside and have an estimate of when it’ll be over. And yet now, on a perfect, beautiful 60 degree day, we all have to be on edge and alert when it looks completely fine out.

All of this over something we can’t see, but is most likely all around us.

It’s not only odd just for the immediate changes we’ve had to make as a society, but odd to be living through something you know is going to be a huge part of the history books in the decades, maybe even centuries, to come.

You always wonder, “what’s the peak going to be? Where’s the turning point?”

But in reality, there probably won’t be just one moment that stands out. We’ll probably be living in this weird social distancing/isolation for months.

And when you try to wrap your head around the entire impact of the Coronavirus, it’s overwhelming.

All the parents having to figure out how to work and homeschool their kids. The service industry workers who are essentially out of business without any income for the foreseeable future. The devout Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Jews, etc., that can no longer attend services in person.

The list goes on… and on… and on…

And then the grocery stores! It’s like you’re in a movie, walking down the aisles during a zombie apocalypse. I’m just watching to hear the growling noise behind me.

In my mind I’m back and forth between, “Is this real life?” and “This is happening.”

It doesn’t always feel real though.

Usually I’m glued to the news. But the last couple days, I haven’t turned it on much at all. Not because I’m angry with it, just for a break. I commend all of the hardworking journalists working hard to keep us all informed.

We’ve watched TV instead of other things, and I honestly haven’t been on social media as much as normal. Like, I’d say, out of my usual 24 hours a day glued to a screen, it’s down to 22. There’s a lot you can miss in those two hours.

Like Steve Mnuchen wanting to give everyone $1000 or Tom Brady not signing with the Patriots but not retiring either.


Although all in all, I don’t feel panicked. It feels weird. It feels really weird. But I have a sense that it’ll all be okay.

Look how much we’ve done to come together in the last week. It’s a hell of a lot more than the last four years, that’s for sure.

This whole situation honestly feels like one global control+alt+delete.

And I hope when this crisis is over, we will have come out of this stronger, learned some valuable lessons, and not be so polarized. It’s exhausting being so angry with each other all the time. I’m over it.

Although I wish it didn’t take having a global pandemic literally shutting the world down to make it happen.

We shall see.

When I made a few impromptu decisions to change the course of my life this year, I had no idea what other things would come.

I’m so glad I started the medical weight loss plan. I would definitely have given up. And I’m not. The medicine portion of this is literally changing how I think and approach food and alcohol. I never would have realized how important that would be right now.

And the medicines the doctor added, it’s done wonders for my anxiety. I don’t feel like I have to do everything, all the time. (Some might disagree, but I don’t feel frantic). I don’t feel overwhelmed.

I don’t feel overwhelmed right now. I feel like I’m just hanging out and riding out the storm. The 60-degree, sunny… storm.

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