Getting easier when everything else is getting harder

Life is feeling a little eerie and unsettling right now, isn’t it? The stores are out of stock of anything you could possibly need… everything is closing… a new reality is setting in.

In the last week I feel like everything changed. Because we had to.

That’s kind of what this weight loss journey has been like. Ripping off the band aid and just going for it. No choices.

The last three weeks I’ve been on plan just continue to get better. It could be a combination of the meds and support of doctors, but I am really noticing I am not fixating on food or using it for emotional support.

When I went in this week for my bi-weekly check-in, they were happy with my progress. I’m down 10lbs, one inch in my waist and down two points on my BMI.

My clothes are fitting better, so even are getting baggy. Even better, clothes I haven’t been able to wear in awhile fit again!

There are about nine more weeks left if this plan before we transition to the next step.

Feeling good. Feeeeling good.

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