Hanging in there when I would’ve given up by now

I’ve been all in on the new nutrition plan the doctor and nutritionist gave me since Monday.

Monday was a piece of cake. I had that new-initiative energy and enthusiasm, feeling so confident.

Yesterday was a little harder. The protein shakes I’ve been drinking are getting rough and my dinner wasn’t great. I meal prepped in advance but when it came time for dinner, it just wasn’t good.

Then today. I really feel like I’m to the place my doctor warned me about.

“Your first couple weeks are going to be tough,” she explained to me. “You’re going to be tired and probably hangry. You just have to push through it. It gets better, I promise, but you have to let your body adjust to get your body in ketosis.”

I was there.

I had a long meeting over lunch and didn’t eat so I could stay on plan. I’m actually pretty accustomed to not eating lunch from when I did intermittent fasting so I felt okay until about 2 p.m. That’s when my head started to pound and all I wanted to do was eat something. I finally was done with meetings at 4 p.m. and drank my lunch shake.

The shakes are okay, but pretty soon I’m not sure I can handle them.

I left work at about 7 p.m. and then came home to make dinner and get ready for the day – finally having dinner at 8 p.m. And it was so gross. I made steamed Brussels sprouts and carrots with some pork I’d seasoned.

And that was it. No post-dinner snack, that was just it.

Normally when I feel this way I get frustrated and half-ass things, and then eventually quit.

But with this plan, I have an entire sheet of guidance on how to handle headaches, how to handle fatigue, how to fight through hunger, etc. It’s SO helpful to know what’s normal… and that it gets easier.

Having these tools to equip me truly has given me hope. At the beginning of the year, just a short time ago, I didn’t think I could lose the weights. I was lost and didn’t know what to do with another year’s failed resolution in my rear view.

Two months later, I know I will do it. I have hope. It’s not a question. This is a first.

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