Unofficial week 1 recap of the new weight loss plan

It’s been a great “unofficial” first week of my plan! Here’s a recap so far.

Weighing in

When it comes to weigh-ins, I debated doing my own or just weighing in during my bi-weekly appointments.

But yesterday I thought, “I’ll check in and see.”

I was down four pounds! That’s not bad considering I haven’t gone all in on my calories just yet. I don’t think I’ll set any kind of schedule, but will just weigh in if I’m curious, otherwise just wait until the doctor’s appointments.

Adjustments made

Here’s what I have been doing so far:

  • Sleeping more: She told me I have to get more sleep, which normally means going to bed earlier. I’m a night owl, it’s just how I’ve always been. So I started getting up at 7 a.m. and working 9 – 6. (I normally work later than that anyways…)
  • Meal replacements: To see which ones I’d like, I started drinking the meal replacement shakes I’m advised to use for two of my meals. Honestly, I haven’t been eating breakfast or lunch for quite some time because I spent like six months testing intermittent fasting. I’ve been fine not eating during the day, so it’s been a little bit of a challenge. Lunch hasn’t been too bad but I am just not hungry for breakfast.
  • No alcohol: This one has been tough. But knowing I can’t because the medications makes it easier. It’s just not an option.

Easing into meal prep

Last night I started my meal planning and added in my daily intake numbers the nutritionist gave me into MyFitnessPal.

My struggle for years is figuring how many calories to eat and how macronutrients play into it. Having the daily goals for calorie, carb and protein intake makes my life so much easier. I can fill in the rest now that I’m not testing out different calorie counts.

I also REALLY appreciate a handout I was given that explained how you might feel adjusting to the plan – and what you can do to help.

For instance, for fatigue or headaches, drinking chicken broth.

There’s an entire sheet to help you with any symptom you might experience – with the explanation that it’s normal and temporary. I’ve been reminded several time that it’s all normal but will be different for a few weeks (which is usually when people start to trail off or make modifications that eventually fail).


I’m feeling equipped for success, especially with the medication. It’s definitely working to help me get out of my bad habits without it feeling like overwhelming work. I’ve noticed I don’t feel as anxious or overwhelmed in general, too. I don’t know if other people’s anxiety is like mine (although sounds like my dad’s is), to where I feel like I can’t stop. I have to do everything – right now. No time for down time because there’s too much to do.

I’m not feeling that as much. Or as drastic. I still do, but it’s not as bad.

For instance – I had to go run some errands yesterday at IKEA and Target, two really busy places. When I’m in places with crowded people that are just mosying around, I get this really anxious, overwhelmed and annoyed feeling. I hate when I get stuck behind walking someone that’s going slow, or if I’m looking at something and then someone is hovering over my shoulder. Or the people that invade personal space in the checkout lane… I get like this burning feeling in my chest and irritated. (I’m sure that’s not unique to me, ha.)

I had that a little bit yesterday, but it wasn’t that bad at all. Even when the person behind me at IKEA kept bumping into the back of me while in line.

Here we go for the official start next week. I’m ready!

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