The 1000th “Day One” starts tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day it begins…. the new weight loss plan.

I’m glad I’ve had the last couple weeks to mentally prepare. And it will help me stay motivated knowing I’m under a doctor’s care.

Losing weight is so hard. I’m hopeful this time will be successful.

1 – because I’ll have medication that will help

2 – I’m following a plan that will work

I think one of the biggest challenges I’ve had with finding the right plan is that when I stall progress after trying, I feel so lost and hopeless. I get so wrapped up in guessing. And then through guessing I modify. It’s all a giant “maybe I’m doing the right thing…. or maybe not.”

It feels better to have this in someone else’s hands. And not an “expert” that is trying to sell me the next quick fix, but an actual doctor. I put “expert” in quotes for a reason because they’re often people just trying to sell you a product or service that doesn’t work.

As eager as I am now, I know I’m going to be hangry and not feeling well for at least a few weeks. The doctor warned me about it and to just push through it (and that it gets better).

I’m going to do my best to keep this excitement in my mind to fight through the pain.

Here goes.

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