My first nutrition class – success!

Today was my first time meeting with a nutritionist for a mandatory nutrition class. Along with three other ladies, we spent an hour with a dietician that gave us an overview of the plan, calorie ranges as well as protein and carb goals.

What I’ve struggled with so much over the years is figuring out the numbers. If I just had parameters that would work, I could figure out the rest. And now I have it.

I also REALLY appreciated an entire page that said potential symptoms of starting the plan, which are all the things that make you throw in the towel. It provided great, simple tips for everything, such as what to do for headaches, hunger, fatigue, etc. Some of it seemed like common knowledge, like Tylenol for headaches. But not everything.

At the end of the class, they told us to take a few days to get familiar with the plan, prepare and get comfortable.

It’s really been helpful that I’ve had a few weeks of prep. Usually I jump right in, and while I jumped right in on making that first appointment, getting onto the plan has been an even course.

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