Easing TMJ Tension Headaches

I get tension in my temples on a daily basis because of TMD and get really annoying headaches. It also causes ringing in my ears, which I think at this point is just going to be normal for me. But at least I’ve learned a few ways to ease the tension. If you suffer from the same symptoms, here are some tips for you to try. Everyone is different, so ultimately, you’ll need to find what works best for you.


Mouth Guard

One of the first things I did once we realized how bad my jaw was and that I had TMD was purchase a mouth guard to wear at night. I know, it’s pretty cool. My dentist was able to code it a certain way so it wasn’t as expensive, but it was still around $150. They took a mold of the roof of my mouth and created a guard. I just have to heat it up at night with water then pop it in. I think it makes the ringing not as loud in the morning, when it’s normally the loudest.

Sunglasses and Dim Screens

Bright light is an instance tension headache for me. It’s best if I can wear sunglasses immediately when I get outside. Even on overcast days when the sun isn’t out. Then when I get to work or use my personal computer/cell phone, I have to keep the screens dim. It really helps.

Medicine/Oil Duo

One of the quickest ways to ease tensions fast for me is a medicine and oil duo. I take Flexiril during the day to help my temples remain calm. For most it makes them drowsy but for some reason, doesn’t at all for me. It just helps calm my temples. If I’m having a really bad tension headache, here’s how I calm things down fast. I’ll take two Excedrin and a Flexiril. I ran it passed my doctor to make sure the combination was okay. Then I’ll take a peppermint oil roller ball and put it on my temples. You can buy one for less than $10 at your local drug store. Not sure if it’s the smell, or just a mental thing, but it works. I’ve also tried using Tiger Balm’s vanishing scent shoulder and neck rub since it is also a muscle relaxer cream. Sometimes it helps too, but you should use with caution not to get too close to your eye. It will burn!

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