Wanting to Get into Podcasts in 2018? Here’s how.

If you’ve seen my last few blogs on bingeworthy podcasts and think “who has time for that?” I’ll share how.


I first discovered podcasts after Serial came out. I hadn’t ever been hooked on anything quite like it. It had great storytelling and research, different than a book or article.

I’d listen in the car, I’d listen while doing housework… I would even just sit in my car during my lunch breaks doing nothing but sitting there and listening to Serial. Not even playing on my phone. Just sitting and listening.

Even though I have a journalism background end enjoy certain magazines and web articles, I’m not the hugest reader. Podcasts were a game changer. And after I’d been listening to a few radio shows on Sirius XM for years, I wondered why I wasn’t listening to podcasts sooner.

Finding a Podcast App

I use Apple podcasts for mine, which if you have an iPhone, is already installed on your phone. It’s this icon:


But there are TONS of other apps you can download that people prefer. The latest Apple podcast update isn’t my favorite, but I can’t seem to go away with it. A few other favorites people use are:

Depending if you’re iPhone or Android, I would vote to search around and find an app that you like. I tried to switch over to Overcast because then I can organize out my podcasts. Haven’t quite made that switch yet. I’m a creature of routine.

There are some I like to listen to daily, then others just when I’m in the mood for.

Easy Ways to Listen

After Serial, I slowly started to find other podcasts I liked. There are only so many hours in a day, so I’ve figured out how to listen.

  • Bluetooth earbud: One of the main ways I listen to podcasts is with a wireless, bluetooth earbud. It’s perfect when you’re cleaning or doing other things. You can find them today on Amazon for less than $30.
  • Driving/walking: My way to work, my way home and my walk in and out–I have something I’m listening to.
  • Wireless speaker: Years ago, my husband bought a wireless Bose speaker. I’ve been the one that has used it the most. It’s been awesome because I can take it around with me with whatever I’m doing. You can even buy waterproof bluetooth speakers.
  • Find what you like: There’s really something out there for everyone. Podcasts help me learn, entertain me and in many cases, are just a fun environment. Just like with radio shows or anything, you get to know the hosts. In some cases, you might even connect with other listeners.

Finding Podcasts

I’ll keep sharing my favorites through my bingeworthy podcasts series. Check them out, and explore on your own. You can explore through Apple podcasts to see some of the top, but it can be hard to get through their lists. Although usually when one is trending, depending on the topic, I usually like it.

If you are new to podcasts, just explore topics you like. True crime is HUGE in podcasting, but there are also news, comedy, fictional audio drama, health, story telling and so many more.

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