5 Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution

In the next month or so, your 2018 resolution motivation will begin to fade. It’s normal. It happens to you and the other 80 percent of people that set goals, myself included.

I know what to do and how to make it happen. I wanted to share strategies for success that I’ll be using to finally reach my goals and change my perspective.


Find Your Method and Set Realistic Goals

News flash, you aren’t going to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. And even if you did, it’s from a quick strategy that can’t last long term. There are a lot of plans and methods out there, and everyone is different. What works for me may not work for you. It takes some trial and error to find a plan that works for you. Maybe it’s Weight Watchers, maybe it’s calorie counting with MyFitness Pal. Then set realistic goals. It’s healthy to lose one to two pounds per week. Set a roadmap for yourself with weekly, monthly, bi-annual and annual goals. Regularly check in to make sure you’re hitting your marks. You can use fitness trackers, such as a FitBit or Motiv rings to help you see stats of your work. Also, take your measurements and monthly photos of yourself. Often times the scale isn’t moving, but you are making great progress.

See the Big Picture, Start Saying No

There’s never a right time to lose weight. You’re always going to be surrounded by temptation. There’s no magic willpower that others have that you don’t. You’re just going to have to find it within yourself refuse the temptations. When you have a long, stressful day at work, or you’re being encouraged to do something you know will set off triggers, say no. Don’t let the criticism get to you. You’ll get “oh, it’s just one,” or “oh c’mon, have some fun.” All the “one times” add up. If the people around you really care, they’ll be supportive of you and understand. And if they don’t care… what does it matter?

Remember 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise

Avoid making exercise your reason to eat or drink poorly. A majority of your results will happen because of what you consume, not what you do. Use exercise to complement your weight loss goals. Cardio is great, but don’t forget that strength training is important too. Many write-off strength training thinking it is just a method used to bulk up. Wrong! Strength training is important to your weight loss and toning. If you are new to strength training, or know nothing about how it will benefit you, read Shape’s “8 health Benefits to Lifting Weights.”

Plan, Plan and Plan

The only way you’ll overcome outside influences and your own challenges is to plan. Sit down weekly or monthly and create meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be sure to include how to handle unexpected situations and what to do if dining out. Have a few go-tos up your sleeve so you know what to do. This includes your triggers. Know what situations make you throw in the towel, and plan on ways to combat them. For instance, can you talk yourself into ruining a hard days work just because you had a stressful day at the office? Set up reminders to stay on plan and have dinner options that are quick. Next, make sure you meal prep. This is perfect for lunches. Save yourself time and invest in a slow cooker or Instant Pot that can help you cook quickly.

Do the Work

I love the Primal Potential podcast. Many of the techniques I’m sharing I learned from the show’s Elizabeth Benton. I learned from her to remind myself to “do it anyway.” The sweet treat now is just a temporary thing. All those little things add up. When it comes to losing weight, you have to change your mindset and just do the work. The more you “work,” the easier it will get. Usually once I do something for two weeks, it gets easier. Then weeks become a month, and months become a year. To change your perception, you have to be consistent and change your mindset. Speaking from experience and reminding myself for this year’s journey: It gets easier. I promise. You want to lose the weight more than anything, so make it happen. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

For those of you that hit your goals last year, congrats! For those of us that hadn’t, it’s not a failure. A new year is a new chance to make it happen. It will happen. You just have to make it happen.

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