Bingeworthy Podcasts: The Pope’s Long Con

This article is a part of the “Bingeworthy Podcasts” series. If you don’t listen to podcasts, these are a few good ones that will get you addicted. Enjoy. 

Bingeworthy Podcast The Pope's Long Con

If you are somewhat caught up on political news, you may remember hearing about the death, which has been officially ruled a suicide, of Kentucky Representative Dan Johnson. His suicide came shortly after news broke that he was being investigated for molestation allegations. This was a special report by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting and the Louisville Public Media, the team behind “The Pope’s Long Con.”

And this wasn’t the first time Johnson was in the news.

You may also remember hearing about Johnson posting racist images on his Facebook page in 2016.

In WDRB’s “Kentucky House candidate making no apologies for shocking Facebook posts,” they explain one of the posts included a photo of a chimpanzee, saying it was President Barack Obama. There was another similar reference to the entire family.

What you’ll find interesting and disturbing from this investigative journalism piece is Johnson’s background. Not only was he a member of the House of Representatives, but he was also an evangelical pastor of “The Heart of Fire Church” in Louisville. Johnson wasn’t Catholic, but gave himself the nickname “The Pope,” and often wore a priest’s collar.

As they delve into his past, the podcast will take you through many twists and turns. It’s a reminder of how quickly one can rise to power with a solid base of blind followers. The podcast also shows what happens when people turn a blind eye to inappropriate or illegal behavior.

It’s a quick listen, lasting only five episodes that are all roughly 20 minutes in length. The Pope’s Long Con is such a great piece of investigative journalism and reminder of why we need the media.

Image from The Pope’s Long Con website. 

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