My Motiv Ring

Leaving FitBit

I had a FitBit for years, still do, and loved the data it gave me. It also did help motivate me to push myself during workouts, get more workouts and try to do what I could to sleep better.

However… there was just one problem…

I hate wearing things around my wrist. They just make it hard to type and I can’t really describe it but sometimes it would just feel tight and I just had to take it off. A little turned into a lot. Which then turned into most of the time I just couldn’t deal.

I tried. I really tried. I’d spend $150 on my FitBit Charge HR and was going to get my money’s worth out of it. And I did. Because the great folks at FitBit sent me a replacement when my first one went kaput.

FitBit is awesome. I  love them, their app, and to this day, still wear my FitBit every night. I much prefer the alarm on it and love seeing the data on my sleep. I use it to wake up every day. If this one ever stops working, I will buy another FitBit band just for the alarm feature.


Time for a change…

I needed something different though because I wanted that motivation. I know I shouldn’t need any extra motivation, but seeing the data just helps me. And I’m just to the point where I need to cut the crap and get my health together, so I was open to investing in something…. Something that I would normally wear that monitored heart rate.

Not knowing what else what out there, I jumped on my handy dandy laptop and began searching on The Google.

“A ring!” I thought. “A ring would be perfect!”

That’s when I stumbled on Motiv.

I can’t remember how I came across it, I might have typed it in and then thanks to Google advertising, Motiv started showing up all around me.

You have to admit, wouldn’t you rather see ads for things you ACTUALLY want? I’m fine with it. 

However, the Motiv ring was $200. That’s a big investment.

Pulling the Trigger

It was the beginning of the summer, maybe even late spring, the first time I stumbled on Motiv. The rings weren’t shipping yet, they were just taking pre-orders, so I decided to just wait.

“If I still want this later on in the summer and throw aside the cash for it, then I’ll buy it.”

Months went by. Motiv was still showing up everywhere on my newsfeed. I also really knew I had to get. my. butt. into. gear when it came to losing weight and getting healthier. Very disappointed in myself after going int he COMPLETE opposite direction after a Whole 30. Just have to face up to it, move on and do better.

BUT, the problem was, the ring still wasn’t shipping by late summer. I had really wanted one but didn’t know if I wanted to pre-order. I was being impatient.

Then… I think sometime in September, they announced the long wait was over. The rings were shipping.

I made the decision within two minutes to buy one and it was to my apartment in just two days.


So what does it do?

The Motiv ring tracks your steps, heart rate and sleep (including your resting heart rate), calories burned, active minutes and distance. It pushes you to get at least 150 minutes of activity a week, per the American Heart Association’s guidelines, but you can increase your weekly goals if you’d like to.

It’s available in rose gold or slate gray (…just like the iPhone) and is also waterproof. Not like a drop of water on it won’t hurt it waterproof, but like, you can shower and swim in it waterproof, up to 165 feet.

The charger is a magnetic USB, so it plugs in super easily and you don’t have to fiddle with a cord the way you do with everything else. It can hold a charge for about three days and fully charges in about an hour to an hour and a half.

What’s the data like?

Here. I’ll just share all my personal data with you.

IMG_33CD5AE59FA4-1IMG_236F39966A4F-1 2IMG_38C6FDCE9C93-1IMG_D6C0F4DECA62-1

I hadn’t paid attention to my resting heart rate with my FitBit, but it’s definitely come to my attention and is something I’m trying to figure out how to lower from Motiv. Also, the sleep data isn’t as in-depth the way the FitBit’s is, but I check it too.

Also, when you work out, it really only counts the time you were pushing yourself. So if you have a 10 minute walking warm up and cool down, they don’t count it towards activity points–as you can see from my example.

Overall thoughts?

I love my Motiv ring! It was worth the wait and worth the investment. Sometimes I think it aims on the lower side of things, but that’s okay, because it just encourages me to push myself harder. It’s also really comfortable and not too bulky.

I do have a couple scuffs on it already but they aren’t too noticeable. And sometimes it takes awhile to sync too, but it could just be user error.

So if you are looking for an alternative to something around your wrist, I highly recommend looking into Motiv. So far, I am a fan.

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