Being realistic just so I can keep this place up….

I love having this blog. I’ve had it for years. I’m also a marketing professional ( I guess I can say that about myself now) and know what it takes to have a good blog. A good blog needs to be on a consistent topic, has posts consistently timed out and is something you can contribute to often that all centers around the same topic. Something that your readers can expect. Welp, this has not quite been that. 

I started this blog as a mishmosh… then it became a realistic portrayal of what the wedding planning process was like from my perspective when I was getting married… then back to mishmosh… then health and wellness mixed in with random things…

I’d wanted to focus on a particular subject that I could make time to write about and had rebrand the blog to be as such. First it was downtown Indy… then it was health and wellness.

Well, you can see how well that went because my last post was almost three months ago. 

So to be realistic? I just don’t have the time for anything else other than what comes to me. It hit me yesterday that I’m just busy. And the older I get, I have this weird complex of what being an adult looked like when I was a kid, and I sure as hell don’t feel like that now. And I turned 30, so it’s getting real. I am officially an adult. *ugh*

In the mix of working full-time… working a ton of hours on a side hustle just to save money for bigger and better things down the road (…or to just give me an acceptable reason to go spend ridiculous amounts of money at Ulta) and attempting to lose weight which feels like will never happen… plus binge watching shows… I don’t have time to truly dedicate myself to a blog fixated on another subject.

Unless that subject is me.

And just giving my perspective on things by keeping it real… which I guess is something that’s always been consistent on this blog.

There’s no sense on putting a filter on life to make it look better than it is sometimes. Life is funny, messy, confusing, happy, ridiculous… It’s easy to just share the good parts or make certain things look better than we are (don’t lie, you know that Snapchat beauty filter is your favorite, it’s mine too). But I just find value in being realistic. Not negative, per say… just realistic.

So I want to just write about whatever comes to me.

After thinking about it… being 30 is a topic. Being a 30-something right now in this insane world is definitely a topic.

I fall in the millennial category.  We’re definitely changing things from how they’ve always been.

So if I can write something that makes you think “okay, someone else that is an ‘adult’ does this or feels this way too,” or if I can share a product or concept that just makes something easier in your day-to-day, that’s a win. I can do that. I am constantly trying to find things fix problems or make things easier for myself. Probably because I’m just a “fixer.” So I can share those things with you.

Because honestly? I need an escape, and I’d like that escape to be here. Which is crazy because for a majority of my work day in my full-time job… I write. Then I write a ton for my side hustle. And yet I want to also write for my blog.

So I’m either insane or I just really like it.

A mix of both, I suppose.

That being said… in an effort to keep this up and provide something of value… I’ll just share my journey of being a millennial. And hopefully along the way, there’ll be something helpful to you, or just help to be your mindless reading for the couple minutes you’re waiting in the grocery store checkout line, instead of scrolling through your Facebook feed.

And then maybe I’ll stop changing what the identify of this flipping blog will be is, because as a marketing person, I certainly know better.


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