Easy Paleo/Whole 30 One Pot Dish


When it comes to cooking, I’ve never really enjoyed it. I cook a lot and am constantly trying to find new recipes, though. Ideally, I like making things that are super easy. Recipes that allow me to mix things up in one bowl and turn on the crockpot are even better. 

A new recipe I discovered not too long ago was also my first time making or eating Indian food. It is the slow cooker butter chicken recipe from the Peanut Butter Runner. If you have a peanut allergy–no worries. No peanuts in this recipe.

I definitely had to get used to the flavor. It felt like it was missing something but that didn’t make it a deal breaker. I would totally make this again. I loved the thick texture of the sauce.

I might play with this recipe a bit but overall, it is super easy to make and is full of flavor.

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