Favorite Finds: Coconut Aminos

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 7.55.18 PM

After I finished the Whole 30, I discovered something amazing: Coconut aminos. Coconut aminos is a sauce that comes from coconut sap. But if you aren’t a fan of coconuts (…mom), don’t worry, you don’t taste it. I promise. 

IMG_6980The great thing about coconut aminos is that it’s sugar free (and gluten free too), but you would have no idea.

My favorite sauce is Coconut Secret’s teriyaki sauce. This brand also has a garlic sauce and a regular sauce that is similar to soy sauce.

If you’re trying to reduce sugar intake, or eliminate added sugars, I highly recommend this. In my area, the only place so far that I’ve found it is at Whole Foods, but you can buy online on their website or on Amazon.

Lately one of my favorite things to do with the teriyaki sauce is literally putting chicken in a crockpot, pouring it over and tossing in some minced garlic and letting it slow cook all day. Then I’ll shred it and throw it over some cauliflower rice. In the picture above, I did that and also made some butternut squash tossed in olive oil, cinnamon and minced garlic. All of this literally took just minutes to make, which is the way I like it.

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