Blog Revamp: Health and Wellness Focused


Over the years that I’ve had this blog, I’ve had all kinds of themes that I’ve written about. About a year ago I really wanted to cover all things downtown Indianapolis. I still want to. But my time is limited these days and I still wanted to blog. Something I can do quickly and easily is share my stories regarding food, health, wellness, etc. 

I recently finished a round of Whole 30 and it was pretty mind-blowing how everything worked out for me. I plan on sharing how it went and more.

I do have quite a few food sensitivities and then have been on this long journey to lose weight. I get a lot of comments, positive ones usually but not always, about trying to work out regularly or the way I eat. Some people don’t know how I do it.

The thing is, anyone can do it. I don’t have any special magical powers or motivation. I just know what I want and I know what will and won’t get me there. I definitely go up and down and I’m not perfect. On this journey, I’ve learned a lot.

It’s like anything, practice makes perfect. The more you work, the better you get. It’s about doing the work, finding things that you like, things that you can sustain long term and eating foods that help you. So hopefully you can use some of the things I learned to help you along the way!


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