TJ Maxx….Just the Place to Find What You Weren’t Looking For


We live above a TJ Maxx. I used to think that would be terrible for my wallet. It’s super convenient to just run downstairs. But after living here for four years, we don’t go there all the time. Honestly depending on the season, sometimes they just don’t have anything.

The great thing about TJ Maxx though is even if you go with an agenda, you find something you weren’t looking for. Recently I found these adorable blocks with motivational quotes. I have one in my apartment and then a couple in my office. I love them and they were at most $5 each. Then this LED tree was only $6! They both made my office a relaxing space for me. I really enjoy them.

I also found these adorable candle lamps for $4 each. They were the perfect addition to my desk that you can put fuels or votive candles in. IMG_6029.JPG

Next time you’re near a TJ Maxx or Home Goods, just wonder around. You’ll find exactly what you weren’t looking for that you didn’t realize you needed.


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