My Downtown Indy 2017 Wishlist

Downtown Indianapolis is growing at a rapid pace. When we moved down here four years ago, so much has popped up and it just keeps expanding. Today, everywhere you go it seems like there’s a new restaurant, store or apartment complex going up. As a resident, I love all of these new things. However, since moving here…there’s been a few other things I’ve wished we could get.

Maybe 2017? Here’s to wishful thinking…..

Beauty store

It’s always perplexed me that Circle Centre Mall doesn’t have a Sephora. I’m an Ulta person just because the points work out better for me there, so I would absolutely hands down be happier with that, but I feel like even Sephora would do so well here! There’s a market I think could really be covered here, first with the general traffic in the mall (which has been growing too lately and I’m impressed) and then people that live around the downtown area that don’t want to drive all the way to the north, south or west side to pick up their beauty products.


I know. There is a Kroger down here on 16th Street. It’s so small though! The variety isn’t that great. I’ve been there a few times to pick up Kroger-necessities (the cat demands their basic unscented cat litter…I mean at least she’s budget-friendly with her diva-esque ways). But usually, I just run in Marsh. I love that Marsh. But Marsh can really do some damage on your wallet and no body has time for that. I know they’ve decided not to renovate that Kroger. I wish they would though. Or build another one. Even Fountain Square is even a great place. I don’t need (or frankly want), a marketplace Kroger. But just a normal sized one? With a good selection? Till then, I’ll continue driving to the southside. I don’t mind it. But I also wouldn’t mind having a Kroger here, either.


There is some open space left in Circle Centre, or they keep talking about postponing the Whole Foods in the new Market Tower…PUT IN A TARGET. I feel like this one is a no-brainer. (Although, this is just me sitting at my computer in my apartment. I’m sure someone at some point in time has looked into this and not found it a good idea). But as a resident, it would be nice to be able to walk to Target and pick up food, eye make-up remover, decorations…etc. I know we have a bunch of wonderful local stores here and I don’t want to draw away traffic from them. But I would love me some Target if there was one close by. I think it might draw in the outer areas too. Bonus for free parking.

Apple Store

I honestly wouldn’t shop there much because I don’t have that kind of money, but I feel like an Apple store would be a knock out of the park in downtown Indy as well. Think about it… People will drive to the northside and stand in line forever in that crowded, anxiety-driving store for however long it takes. It’s our only option. So for all of you on the southside especially, that is a LONG drive. The experience is great with the Apple team, but standing in the store itself is so crowded. I think it’s time to expand Indy’s Apple offering and open up a store downtown. Circle Centre would be a great place for it. OMG CIRCLE CENTRE! Just having the Apple store there alone would drive traffic. I’m sure people would choose to come to a downtown Apple store over driving to the crowded northside one any day if it was laid out correctly. That’s the key… we need some breathing room. K?

Condos/Homes for Sale

When we moved downtown, we chose to rent to see if we liked living downtown before we committed to something. And here we are… four years later… in the same building. Despite all of the downs, downs, some ups and then downs, our location is great. It is really what keeps us here. We’re close to our favorite restaurants and we are connected to everything. Long term though this won’t probably work and I want to buy something. There’s an okay selection out there. However, apartments are booming and real estate…is staying the same from what I’ve seen. I could be wrong. But there aren’t really any houses up for sale or new condominiums going up. We’ve looked around and while we aren’t ready yet, I hope that when we are, there is more available.

Mexican Restaurant

I’ve wondered if my husband and I are bad luck for El Rodeo. When we lived in Greenfield, probably four months before we moved it burned down. Ironically, this wasn’t the first time for that franchise to lose a building in a fire. Strange… well there used to be one downtown on Meridian Street. It was great. Awesome. Fabulous. We were regulars and the staff knew us. It was the first place down here that we became “regulars” of. Service was great and it was cheap. Then probably a year ago (or longer), it shut down. Who knows why… I’ve heard rumors about that franchise. Regardless, we got great service and it was always busy. And now it’s gone and there isn’t anything like it. There are Mexican restaurants downtown, but they are pricey. If I want to just get a couple tacos, rice and cheap margs, we have to go to Fountain Square. Sure, there is Aculpoco Joe’s or Adobo Grill but Aculpolco Joe’s is something you have to be in the mood for and Adobo is pricey. Fountain Square is fine in the summer when we feel like a 15-20 minute bike ride. Any other time it isn’t happening because it’s no fun to go get margs and drive because, well, you can’t drive. So it just doesn’t happen. Long story short, bring back El Rodeo! The space is empty, it was wonderful and I miss it so much.

Here’s so some advancement on some of my wish list items for the new year!

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