Grocery Shopping in Downtown Indy and Beyond

Since moving to downtown Indianapolis, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is where I grocery shop. It’s complicated. Well not really, but it’s not what you’d think. I’ll share where I go and what other options there are for downtown residents.


When it comes to downtown grocery stores, Marsh dominates. They have two locations. One is a small location Mass Ave. at 320 N. New Jersey St. This was formally known as O’Malia’s. The second is at 227 W. Michigan St. It is located in the Axis retail complex, which has apartments above it and also includes a Chinese restaurant.

You can park for free at both locations. I love the Axis complex because it’s closer to home for me, and it is huge. I don’t do my weekly shopping there but it is great for a few things if I have to pick them up. They also have a great grab n’ go food selection for lunch or dinner. They also have a large alcohol selection. I hate going to the grocery but love going in there. It’s fun, check it out.


Downtown Indy is home to a Kroger, located at 524 E. 16th St. is in the Herron-Morton Place. Conveniently, you can also park for free here. It’s a cute area. I don’t shop here but if you’re looking for a quick in and out, it works. It is a really small location.

I do shop at Kroger every week, but not this location. Lately I have been driving to the Kroger at Southport and Bluff. It is about five miles away and the trip down really doesn’t feel like you’re in the city. It feels like you’re in the middle of the country, and is a really pretty drive. It starts bordering the White River and then you also pass by quite a few large fields and even a farm with horses. That Kroger is pretty big and has a Starbucks if that’s your thing.

In the past I have also gone to the Kroger at Madison and Edgewood, which is also close. There are also Kroger Marketplaces at Beech Grove and Greenwood.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 9.27.58 PM.png

Other Local Stores

If you are looking for local stores to grab groceries at, there are a few other choices. I personally haven’t been to these, but would hope to stop by one in the future!

First is Angelo’s at 201 S. College. My husband came across this when working at a apartment nearby. They describe themselves as a third generation salvage and grocery store.

Next is Wildwood Market in Fountain Square. It is located at 1015 Virginia Ave. I’ve passed by this place before and have also wanted to go in. It’s small and definitely has a local feel. They provide a variety of local meat, cheese, produce and more.

Last, try the City Market. I love the City Market! I don’t get to go often, but it’s a treat if I do. The best time to go are weekdays. You can find a variety of local meats and produce. You can also eat there are many different small eateries. And while we’re on the topic of markets, don’t forget about the Farmer’s Market.

The Indy Winter Farmers Market used to be in the downtown City Market location but moved over a year ago. They are now located at 1125 E. Brookside Ave. on the northside of Mass Ave. It is a larger location with more parking. It is open every Saturday through April 29 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. I love their selection of local produce and other food.

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