Need a Vet in Downtown Indy? Mass Ave. Animal Clinic is the Place


When we lived in Greenfield, we had a great vet. We used Noah’s at the corner of Brandywine and State Road 9. They were great and understanding of my cat…who to put it nicely, hates social situations that involve other people.

So… when we moved downtown four years ago, I quickly had to find a new place. I chose Mass Ave. Animal Clinic, located at 625 East Street in Indianapolis.

Over the last few years, they have been fantastic. I say that coming from a pet owner with a difficult pet. I don’t know why but she just doesn’t do well with other people. If you met her, you know that and are thinking to yourself “oh yeah, she’s evil.” She’s not evil. She just doesn’t like people, haha. Except for us. She is the sweetest with us. So when it comes to her diva attitude in public, it doesn’t phase our vet at all and they are beyond accommodating.

Everyone at Mass Ave. Animal Clinic knows the both of us by name and they truly care. I have to get her prescription cat food to keep her from getting urinary infections and the prices aren’t bad. They always have some in stock and I enjoy popping in to see them.

Even better, they do everything they can to make the environment as calm as they can for Chloe. Chloe gets STRESSED OUT when having to go to the vet. They recommended Feliway to me awhile back for stressful situations and it works great. You can buy it through diffusers or in a spray. They also don’t pressure me to buy anything through them and have let me know where I can get that and other products and lower prices.

The most recent time I had to take her in for her annual exam, I had picked up some of the Feliway spray beforehand that I sprayed in the bag that I carry her in. Then they actually sprayed down the entire room too before I got there. It was a very calm visit for her which is amazing because my cat gets so scared. No matter how crazy she gets, they are incredibly patient.

I also love how much they genuinely care. Recently Chloe hurt her foot. I’m not sure how, but she was crying and limping for a week. I called the vet after a couple days to see what I needed to look out for and if I needed to bring her in. They let me know what to watch for and then without me even mentioning who I was when I called, or that Chloe was the one having issues, they called and emailed me a couple days later to check in.

Last, I have to give a shoutout to the office cat, Maac. He is such a sweet boy that is super friendly. I mean you have to go there alone just to meet him. He’s also super nice to my Chloe and makes her feel welcome. She doesn’t really understand, but he means well.

It’s Friday!! Time to relax with friends:) #maacthecat

A photo posted by Mass Ave Animal Clinic (@massaveac) on Nov 4, 2016 at 1:58pm PDT


So if you are in the downtown area looking for a vet, I highly recommend them. They have locations on Mass ave and then also in Fountain Square. They offer probably every service you would ever need and are beyond accommodating. The entire area over there on Mass Ave. is super pet friendly too. It is next to Henry’s on East Street, a cute coffee shop that has cute dogs sitting outside, and water dishes for them.

Mass Ave. Animal Clinic also has Furr Pet Spa and Wellness if you need grooming services. I don’t think my cat can handle that… but I’m sure the services are great.

Image at top from the Mass Ave. Animal Clinic Facebook page

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