Yard House: Amazing Food & Beer Selection

Yard House Basic Info

Address: 15 W. Maryland Street | Indianapolis, IN 46204

Price: $$

Yard House opened in early 2015 and has since been one of my go-to favorite restaurants in the city. They have an incredibly diverse food menu and an even larger drink menu. The food menu is a front and back–simple enough. Then the drink menu is pages long thanks to their great beer selection that includes over 100 beers on tap.

Navigating the Menu

094B0CD6-DC00-4AC0-925D-B4E0BD590945In addition the drink selection, I love Yard House’s  menu. Why? It’s great if you just want a snack or a giant meal.

For an appetizer or entree, they have a “snack” menu, as well as appetizer section. Snacks are like tapas, and one serving is good to share or keep for yourself.

Hands down my favorite “snack” (and arguably menu item in general) are the deviled eggs. Yes, you heard me right–deviled eggs. They have an amazing mix of a spicy tomato sauce and sweet chili and are topped with chives and candied bacon. The snack comes with four, and my husband and I frequently end up getting two orders.

And while I cannot eat potatoes (thanks, allergies), my husband is a huge fan of their truffle fries. Delicious fries topped with shredded parmesan and herbs.

For your entrees, you can choose from their selection of salads, house favorites, pizza, sandwiches, grilled burgers, steak and ribs, seafood, street tacos and then their vegetarian selection as well. (If you are a vegetarian, this section is amazing!)

9F776331-CFC7-4A79-9643-8D976784EE97.JPGMy Favorites

I’ve tried quite a bit of the entrees, from the orange peel chicken and chicken rice bowl, to the pepperoni pizza and mac n’ cheese–but their tacos make quite a statement.

I’ve had a variety of their tacos but the one that stands out the most that I highly encourage you to try if you go are the Vampire Tacos.

These tacos have a cheese crusted tortilla and in them include carnitas, bacon, chorizo, salsa, roasted garlic, cumin crema, guacamole and cilantro.


There are so many flavors to these tacos, I don’t even know where to begin. You can order one, two or three and as well as rice and beans. You might order the full order but it is pretty likely you’ll be taking that home.

Wrap Up

All in all, this is a fun restaurant. It is a great place if you want to watch a game, hang out at the bar and drink or have a nice meal. They have low lighting and it is just a really cool atmosphere.

They also have really great music that they play if they aren’t using the sound from a game. I can’t stay still, especially after a drink or two.

It can get pricey depending on what you order, so if you are looking for a cheap spot, this place is not really it. Unless you plan your trip–you can make it less expensive if you try!

We’ve also always had great service here too. This one definitely has my stamp of approval, for sure.

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