When it Comes to Losing Weight: Do It Anyway

It’s time to change the way you think about your weight loss goals.

You can pick a motto. You can pick something to live by when it comes to working out that helps you. I had done that for years and nothing ever stuck.

Then, as I’ve been listening to the Primal Potential podcast, something she said has stuck with me:

Do it anyway. 

Sucking it Up

When it comes to your weight loss and fitness goals, it isn’t fun. Most of the time it isn’t. You don’t feel like working out. For some people it might be, but if you’re like me, the couch sounds much better. Especially if your body is sore, you’re tired, don’t feel great, etc.

Going Beyond

When it comes to your goals, you aren’t going to feel like doing anything most of the time. It’s easier to eat junk. Not work out.

But…we have to do it anyway.

Don’t feel like it?

Do it anyway.

There just simply isn’t any other choice other than to do it anyway.

“Do it Anyway” and “Picking One Thing”

In my last blog, I mentioned doing one thing. When it came to my “one thing,” which was working out five times a week, that’s where I tied in the “do it anyway” mentality.

My “one thing” that I was focusing on was working out. I have made an effort to just do it, no matter how I feel. Especially when I don’t feel good. I at least try. Sure, certain times I work harder than others, but something is better than nothing. But I’m making sure I do something at least five times a week.

Going Deeper

It’s helped me to realize–there are times I don’t feel like making dinner. Going to work. Running by the gas station. Paying my bills. Making sure my cat’s litterbox is clean.

You know what?

I do all those things anyway. I have to.

Why should weight loss be any different?

It really stuck when listening to the Primal Potential podcast…..

Don’t want to eat better? Do it anyway. Don’t want to work out? Do it anyway. Don’t feel like putting in the effort? DO IT ANYWAY.

Photo credit: kizette via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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