Don’t Just Step on the Scale, Take Measurements

Stop getting frustrated if the scale isn’t moving and start taking measurements. Why?

measurements2015 was an eye opening year for me in quite a few ways. While I didn’t come anywhere close to hitting my weight loss goals, I learned SO much and have made some changes that I hope will set me up for long term success in 2016.

One of the biggest things I struggled with is the number on the scale not moving. It’s infuriating, especially if you have been working out hard and eating right.

Early in the year I started taking my measurements, which is super encouraging when the scale is or isn’t moving, but your measurements are.

There are all kinds of ways to track measurements. I started the year with a journal, and every week would take a couple quick measurements and monthly would do full body measurements.

Now, I use an app called FitStream that will help you learn how to take measurements and the precise location. FitStream allows you to track your weight, measurements and privately save pictures so you can take photos of your journey.

For 2016, I plan on doing more weight training, so I know the scale isn’t going to go down. In fact, it might go up. The only way I know I’m making progress will be how I feel and measurements.

So if you aren’t taking them during your weight loss journey, I highly encourage you to start.

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