FitBit – Week One Thoughts

I’ve officially had my FitBit Charge HR for one week. Being that it was $150, I was hoping it was money well spent (especially since I had cancelled my Weight Watchers).

Needless to say it’s been completely eye opening and I actually probably hadn’t been eating enough during the week or if I could actually get through a weekend without messing up.

Granted, I did go to a place in town last night and went over my calorie goal yesterday, I think I’ll be okay.

Before we went out I realized I was already two pounds down. There’s a certain weight that I won’t really feel I’ve made progress until I’m down (about five pounds), but even this two is more than I’ve seen in awhile.

I LOVE that I can just rely on the FitBit to tell me my caloric intake for the day. It takes information from the heart rate monitor on all your activity to determine that.

Plus, it’s encouraging to help you get in your 64 ounces of water in and 10,000 steps a day.

I always thought I was so far off based on what my iPhone said but I’ve been able to get them in and sometimes more every day.Then for the water, I thought that would be hard. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought. I’ve hit the goal five of the seven days I’ve had the FitBit! And the days I missed, I just needed one more bottle. If you drink a bottle (16.9 ounces) before work, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and then one at night with dinner or whatnot, you’re there!

I’ve always taken the time to plan each week, but had trouble with understanding caloric deficit. I mean the whole concept made sense, and I calculated my BMR online but that was just a number. That doesn’t take in account the different things you do in a day. That’s what I love about the FitBit Charge HR. It takes everything into account and adjusts my day.

I haven’t been starving this week. I’ve been pretty active even just taking long walks instead of jogging every night. I’ve drank more water during the day than I have in forever.

I will also plug everything into the app so it’s nice to have all one place. Others really enjoy using My Fitness Pal with it too which is a great idea. Since I was starting from scratch with something after canceling my Weight Watchers, I didn’t mind just using the FitBit app. It’s been very easy to use.

Best of all, I’ve seen a little progress. Hopefully that stays true through the end of the week but I’m already very happy with this purchase.

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