Changing Up my Weight Loss Journey

FitBitWeight Watchers has been successful for me in the past, so I stuck with it. I even went off of it for about half a year last year because I was close to my goal and thought I knew the basics enough to implement my own strategy with calorie counting mixed in with a lower carb diet which I think has been how Weight Watchers has helped me.

Then some things changed up health-wise and there I was. Back where I started.

It’s a terrible place.

Since Weight Watchers has been like a security blanket for me I went back to it. I think just over time I learned how to cheat the system maybe a bit, and maybe I over-did it on my freebies in terms of fruits and vegetables because at the end of the day some really do have calories.

I’d tried on and off since September of last year to really work hard and get back to at least closer to my goal. Needless to say I haven’t been successful. At all.

Albert Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

That’s been me of the last year.

I’ll go in spurts where I’ll do a great job at working out, and eating right, then I’ll break if I get busy. I’ll just throw it out the window. And lately even if I am doing everything right, I’m sure I’ve been cheating my Weight Watchers. I’ll sometimes see how much of a serving I can have before the point value changes to the next number. Or I will fill my ninja blender with fruit for a smoothie–I’m sure especially the smoothies with bananas in it can add up.

I’ve been listening to the Half-Size Me podcast for quite some time now and it’s been so helpful to understand a lot about weight loss, what making a lifestyle change is all about, etc. In fact, that’s where I heard the quote above about insanity because Heather, the gal who runs the podcast, says that quite a bit. And it’s so true.

While the exact math of calories in and calories out isn’t totally accurate, I’m sure insanitybeing as close as possible while maintaining a somewhat low carb diet would be great for me.

Hence I threw off my security blanket this weekend.

I bought a FitBit HR and cancelled my Weight Watchers subscription.

I’m hoping that seeing the actual numbers will help me. I’m sure it will. I’m hoping it’ll help me on those days where I feel I just want to give up. I hope it will just be a great aid when I am feeling motivated.

In the Half Size Me community, and the other fitness group I’m a part of on Facebook, I’ve seen so many people overcome such great obstacles. It makes the 20ish or so pounds I want to lose seem so small. I wonder “Why can’t you just do it? Some people have lost 100, 200 or even 300 pounds! And you can’t do 20!?”

So I’m making a change in hopes to be successful. Get the results I want. I’ve had my thyroid checked again and I’m fine, so this is definitely all on me. My failures are my fault, and my successes are my own personal gains.

We’ll see how this FitBit goes. If you have any suggestions or helpful tips, let me know below in the comments!

I’ve been terrible about blogging just because I’ve been so busy lately but hoping things change soon–and I’ll definitely try to keep up with my progress.

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