IT Cosmetics Face Duo

Over the last year and a half or so I have discovered IT Cosmetics and it’s quickly become my new favorite brand. It all started with their CC+ lip serum and I’ve since branched out. A month ago I was looking to try a new CC cream and ended up picking up two things to try.

“Feel the Moment” Anti-Aging Ultra Hydrating SeIT Cosmeticsnsory Awakening Primer Serum

That’s a mouth full! I was looking for a good primer and decided to try this because it had additional benefits instead of just applying before I put my makeup on. This serum can be used before applying makeup or even at night. I’ve been trying to use it twice a day. Not much is needed and since I’ve been using it have noticed an even-ness to my skin. My skin hasn’t looked so tired and dry. You simply apply and then wait one to two minutes to allow it to dry before applying makeup, night cream, etc. When used before putting makeup on, I’ve noticed the CC+ cream goes on much more smoothly.

“Your Skin but Better” CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream

I had been wanting to switch to an anti-aging CC cream and thought IT Cosmetics would be the perfect brand. Their “Your Skin but Better” CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream immediately caught my eye especially having SPF 50+ protection. I have super fair skin so this is perfect for me. Although I think more people should pay attention because we all need to protect our skin from the sun. Similar to the serum, not much is needed. It has a notch that helps you portion and I usually put just a few dabs over my face then it easily blends in. I love how smooth it is and it isn’t cakey. I also appreciate that it is hydrating as I have dry skin. The more I have used it, the better I feel my skin is on my face and I look forward to seeing the long term results from it.

Where to Find

These items and other IT Cosmetics products can be found at Ulta Beauty or on the IT Cosmetics website.

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